Active Currency Management

Pure currency alpha. We provide discretionary active currency management of up to 32 of the world's currencies in a separate account tailored to the exact return and risk requirements of each client.

Active Currency Performance
Annual Excess Return:    4.44%
Annual Excess Risk:2.57%
Sharpe Ratio:1.72
International Equity:    0.37
International Bonds:-0.26
Real Estate:0.26
Alternative Inv:0.50
Active Currency Management
Currency Fund

Our active currency fund is available to clients in a range of share classes and currencies. It targets risk from 10% pa to 25% pa.

Currency Fund
Currency Overlay Management

Currency overlay combines active currency management and currency risk control through client chosen strategic hedge in a separate account.

Currency Overlay Management
International Risk Premium

International risk premium strategy captures global risk premia through forward contracts. This is available as a separate account or a fund strategy.

International Risk